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Meet Mario

Business owner, consultant, advisor, veteran, author,

and motivational speaker

Mario Feijoo has more than 23 years of business experience, ranging from the restaurant, real estate, insurance and accounting, to the communications industries. Mario has owned and operated numerous businesses which have prepared him to become a business consultant. He is well aware of the challenges of starting, operating, and owning a small business and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and business experiences with his clients. Mario was a former business advisor at the College of Lake County with the SBDC. He holds a Hospitality Management degree and is bilingual, English and Spanish. U.S. Army Veteran.

Mario's Message

Mario'ѕ Message is a professional speaking company with over 10 years of experience, ranging from young adults and children from elementary and junior high school to high school and college students with many success stories. We aim to provide qualitative, practical, and pragmatic solutions on communication to our students and clients. 


Our professional services include a communication guide and professional workshops, presentations, and professional coaching that is designed to completely impact young adults. Mario's passion and main goal is to deliver his message to people and have an influence on their everyday lives.


Mario wants to help you empower your speech. Begin today with Mario's Message.

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Mario knows how to energize an audience and keep them energized. He makes the participants think and his message stays with them long after the presentation.


I have known Mario for many years and have seen him address high school students on a myriad subjects. Mario brings a passion for the topic, an infectious energy to his audience and a presentation style that drives his message home. I recommend Mario for your speech, consulting or coaching services; he will exceed your expections. 

Mario has been a key volunteer for our Business Incubator program. He has assumed many roles including Community Champion, Coach, and Mentor. As a Community Champion, Mario helped with the preparation and launch of Incubator. As a coach to our young entrepreneurs and a subject matter expert in various areas, he has presented on topics such as Marketing. He is dynamic, captivating and entertaining while providing students with real life experience and learnings. As a Mentor, Mario has gone above and beyond with his teams. He provides guidance, resources, motivation and energy to his mentees with proven results. His teams continually push forward to a higher level, as a result of his expectations. We highly recommend Mario for coaching, workshops, and presentations. He will deliver and your audience will be engaged and inspired.

Michelle Sherwin-Petrucci and Rosangela Fiore
Business Incubator, Mundelein High School

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